Very Long, but Important Shelter Update: Phone Calls and Emails are needed!

We are preparing for a legal challenge and we will be prepared to file an Article 78 Lawsuit against DHS and NYC (Mayor De Blasio) in the next two weeks. An Article 78 lawsuit challenges the actions of administrative agencies (DHS) and other government bodies (NYC and the mayor). We are challenging DHS for not completing a State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR). This should have been completed prior to choosing this site for the shelter’s location.

“What happens if an agency does not comply with SEQR?If an agency makes an improper decision or allows a project that is subject to SEQR to start, and fails to undertake a proper review, citizens or groups who can demonstrate that they may be harmed by this failure may take legal action against the agency under Article 78 of the New York State Civil Practice Law and Rules. Project approvals may be rescinded by a court and a new review required under SEQR. New York State’s court system has consistently ruled in favor of strong compliance with the provisions of SEQR.”
Website with SEQR information:

I get that many are discouraged as the work at the site continues. We cannot make them stop, but we can make it difficult. Please keep filing the 311 complaints and email your reference number to Yes, they keep filing for and receiving more permits, but they work beyond their new permits every night. I go past regularly late at night and there is lots of noise coming from inside. If we ask you to call 311, please call and make sure you include the noise that is coming from the building.

I have sent emails about this to all our local representatives and included Anthony Iuliano, the Intergovernmental Affairs liaison for the Dept. of Buildings. Many may have met him at our civic meetings. Councilman Vallone’s office has gotten back to me about the problem and has reached out to Anthony Iuliano. I was told Anthony Iuliano would get back to me, but as of yet, he has not.

PLEASE CALL or EMAIL Anthony Iuliano (DOB), Dereck Lee (DOB), Councilman Vallone, Assemblyman Rosenthal and Senator Liu about the afterhours work that continues to go on. The DOB must be held accountable for this nonsense, it is unacceptable.

Also, give a call to the missing Queens Borough President, Melinda Katz. In case you have not heard, she will be running for Queens DA and will need the support of Queens to win! You might want to mention how disappointed you are that she has not supported us at all and that you are very surprised she did not attend our civic meeting on the March 26th to address our concerns.

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz 718 286-3000 or

Queens DOB Office Derek Lee, R.A.,

Borough Commissioner Chao-Hsiang Ho, R.A.,

Deputy Borough Commissioner Jaime Maule, Borough Director

Borough Commissioner: (718) 286-7670

Borough Director: (718) 286-7630

Customer Service: (718) 286-7620

Anthony Iuliano:

NYS Senator John LiuPhone: 718-765-6675 or

Council Member Paul Vallone 718 619-8611 or

Assembly member Daniel Rosenthal 718 969-1508 or

The lawyer has told us to keep making noise, stay outspoken, stay seen, and keep contacting our political leaders. We MUST do this. Please do not give up, we need many people to call and email, we have to make ourselves heard.

We are in the process of planning a very big community rally at City Hall in Manhattan. If we can get the date, it will be during the day on Good Friday 4/19. We understand that many have to work, but we need to be there during the week while there are many people in the building and walking around outside. I know some will not be able to attend this rally, but please make every effort to join us, as always our rally will be kid friendly. We encourage you to bring your children. We are going to supply transportation as well.

Also, coming up we will be having a rally with the entire city. The Five Borough Coalition for A Better New York City will be organizing this event. Every borough will be gathering on the steps of their borough City Hall in protest of DHS’s neglect of proper protocol and the Mayor for his homeless initiative that is not helping anyone. Currently, the Five Borough Coalition is going borough to borough uniting with civics all across the city, to make communities aware of what the Mayor is doing. We are getting stronger and stronger and the Mayor is starting to pay attention.

More information about the rallies is forthcoming. Thank you for your continued support. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at

5-Borough Coalition

Communities all over NYC are being ignored by the city of New York, we are fighting to protect the quality of our neighborhoods and safety of our families. As individual communities we are not being heard, in fact we are being ignored. On February 8th, 2019 that came to an end. Civic organizations all over the city united and we formed the 5-Borough Coalition and now we fight together. We have been told by very good sources that the mayor is now watching and listening to what is going on, therefore we have to keep fighting and pushing back no matter how hopeless we feel at times. We are in this together and we are going to make change. Everyone in College Point are a part of the 5-Borough coalition. You have to keep coming out and getting others involved, that is the only way we win. More information will be available about the 5-Borough Coalition. Below is the board of the 5-Borough coalition.

PO BOX 261 

: Sam Esposito-Ozone Park 

Bronx Chair: Egidio J. Sementilli -Middletown Pelham Bay 

Brooklyn Chair: Chris Banks – East New York, Brooklyn 

Staten Island Chairs: Saul Porter – North Shore, Staten Island & Frank Siracusa South Shore, Staten Island

Manhattan Chair: Oz Sultan-Harlem, Manhattan 

Secretary -Tristan Hass-Financial District, Manhattan

Queens Chair– Jennifer Shannon, College Point, Queens

Advisor – Mike Scala ESQ

Still Trying to Figure Out Why Anyone Thinks A 200+ Transitional Shelter in College Point is a Smart Idea!

Here are some of the facts you should know! 

  • In the Summer 2019 a 200+ all male transitional shelter will open at 127-03 20th Avenue, College Point, NY 11356.
  • A transitional shelter means the men living in this shelter will be returning from prison and drug rehabilitation facilities (Someone from DHS told us most of the residents will be from prison).
  • A local business owner accidentally found out about the plan and shared the news with College Point’s Civic leader and local elected officials. If he had not uncovered this plan, the community would have only been notified 30 days prior to the shelter opening.
  • We were told that Community Board 7, our Councilman, and our local civic group did not have to be a part of this decision.
  • The city of NY will use our hard earned tax dollars to pay between $2000 – $4000. per man every month to stay at this shelter.  This means a NON-PROFIT group will receive between 5 million & 9 million dollars a year. Did I say NON-PROFIT?
  • DHS stated that all these men are from our community or surrounding communities. Really!?!?
  • The shelter is located in the middle of all our schools, approximately 3000 students. The closest school is 2 blocks away and the furthest school is only 5 blocks away. The shelter is surround by 5 schools; 1 pre-k school, 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and an all girl’s Catholic high school.
  • Half of College Point’s homeless population would not be eligible to use this shelter because they are women!
  • Newly formed CP Residents’ Coalition has raised some money, but still needs more to pay for the lawyer that has been hired to sue DHS and NYC on behalf of the residents in College Point.
  • We have had three protests and will definitely have more.
  • We need donations!
  • We need volunteers!
  • We need the whole community to get involved!

For the full media release statement CLICK HERE

Official GoFundMe Page

This is our official GoFundMe account. We DO NOT support any other page. To donate online please CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at abettercollegepoint@gmailcom. Jennifer Shannon, Rex Lam, Cathleen Shannon or Elizabeth Cuccia will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call us at (929) 356-4344.

Letter Writing Campaign

We are in the early stages of our fight. We have to keep this momentum going. One thing everyone has to do over the next few weeks is email the politicians that are supposed to represent us!

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz has been exceptionally quiet and is running for Queens DA. She needs to know the opposition she will get from us, if she doesn’t start supporting our community!

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz 718 286-3000 or email her at

Scott M. Stringer Comptroller of New York signs off on all these non profit contracts. This project is costing the tax payers of NY $9,000,000, are you kidding me!!!!! Let him know this is not okay!!! Give his office a call!

Scott M. Stringer 212 669-3916 or email him at

Don’t stop with these two, email, write letters, or call all our elected officials! Click below for all our elected officials contact information and some helpful talking points you can use when you are writing your concerns down.




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