Community Incident Report

Please be as detailed as possible when completing your report. If you do not leave contact information we cannot do anything. We must be able to follow up with you. If you choose to download and write the report, call us at 929 356 4344 and we will make arrangements to pick-up the report. You can also scan and email the report to Hopefully, we will be able to get a postal box soon and then reports can be mailed in as well.

Online Incident Report Click Here

Download an Incident Report Click Here

Want A Better College Point, Get Involved!


Signing up for email alerts will help keep you aware of community events, problems, and concerns. We will never spam your email box or share your information.


We all have special talents. Maybe you can translate, take pictures, pass out fliers, help with social media etc… Point is we are looking for volunteers to help keep our community united and involved. If you are in high school we can give you a letter for your community service as well!


Not everyone is on social media. Sometimes we need to reach all our neighbors. Signing up to become a Block LEADer is great way to assist your community. Basically we would email you information and then you would hand it out to all your neighbors. If you could print out what we send you, that would be awesome. However, if you cannot print out the information we will do it for you! This is a powerful way to unite an entire community and make us stronger.  Remember, the strong are never picked on!

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