Contact 109th Precinct & NCOs

Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) are assigned to and remain in a sector, or neighborhood, for the duration of their tour. Additionally, NCOs are given the time and flexibility to make strong bonds with the community they serve. They want to hear from you about what it will take to keep our neighborhood safe. Click Here for more information. We live in Sector C. If it is an EMERGENCY CALL 911!


NCO Sergeant Murphy: 929-291-0912

NCO Delsignore: (929) 294 1733

NCO Riegel (917) 435 1001

109th Precinct: (718) 321-2250

Community Affairs: (718) 321-2269

Neighborhood Coordination Officers: (718) 321-2264

Crime Prevention: (718) 321-2343

Youth Officer: (718) 321-2346

Detective Squad: (718) 321-2294

Auxiliary Coordinator: (718) 321-2345

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