NYC Council Election Information


In an effort to spread awareness A Better College Point will be sharing information about each candidate that is running for City Council. We are not pushing politics, but we are pushing voting and awareness.

The NYC Council will have 35 open seats this year!!!  College Point will be voting for a new council person in November. We need to vote for someone that will stand up for College Point.  The election in November is so important to our community.  We need to be informed and we need to VOTE!!!

City and state politics is what decides our quality of life here in NYC.  The local politicians we elect are supposed to represent and help us.  Unfortunately, far too many people do not get out to vote unless it is a presidential election. 

Voting during local elections is extremely important for many reasons (here are a jusrt few):

  • Politicians can see how many people vote in a specific area. 
  • Communities that vote get more positive attention and help.
  • Local politicians vote for things that will impact NYC and NYS residents almost immediately.
  • Communities that don’t vote get bad streets, an overabundance of NYC and NYS municipalities, and over building in residential areas etc…

Below we have shared the information we received or the information we could find about the three candidates that would like to represent us in the City Council. Please do your own research as well. We cannot stress enough how important this election will be for College Point! You can click on the picture or the name for more information. As we get more information about each candidate we will update the site. A few candidates have reached out to do Zoom Meet & Greets with the community. When they finalize the dates with us, we will email them out and post it on this website and Facebook.

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