Proposed Correctional Training Facility

We were informed on Thursday, August 5th, 2021 that the mayor would be announcing in the next few days that he placing a correctional training facility in College Point. We have limited information about this so far. This announcement is not about whether we agree or disagree with this decision. It is about how this facility will impact College Point. We have over 20 municipalities in College Point with ZERO GIVE BACKS. When the city decided to place the Police Academy in College Point, we were told that it would not impact College Point at all. However, folks that live in that area will tell you differently. The cadets are not allowed to park in the Police Academy parking lot, which means they have no choice but to park all around the area near the hockey field. Our neighbors in that area have major issues with how the cadets park their cars and cannot find a spot for themselves. Please call our local representatives to demand that the city give us something in return if we have to have the correctional training facility in College Point and demand that the Police Academy parking issues are resolved immediately. ALSO ask our local politicians to ENSURE this this is NOT a foundation for a borough based jail.


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