Shelter Contact Information

If you are having a problem with a resident or residents from the shelter, Jim Coughlin, Senior Vice President of Services from Westhab and Jamar Robinson, Director of the day-to-day operations at the facility said to call the shelter staff immediately. When you call the shelter you can reach out directly to Jamar Robinson or the shift manager if Mr. Robinson is unavailable. They also said even if you are not sure if this person is from the shelter, they will go to the location to determine if it is a resident. If the person is not a resident, they will reach out to Breaking Ground. Breaking Ground is an organization that reaches out to people who living on the streets. As always, if it is an emergency call 911. It is always good to have the incidents on record. We also ask that you complete a Community Incident Report for ALL incidents so we have record of the problem.

Director: Jamar Robinson

(718) 445 0235 Ext. 610


Shift Manager

(718) 445 0235 Ext. 601

Breaking Ground

(929) 218 7359

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