5-Borough Coalition

Communities all over NYC are being ignored by the city of New York, we are fighting to protect the quality of our neighborhoods and safety of our families. As individual communities we are not being heard, in fact we are being ignored. On February 8th, 2019 that came to an end. Civic organizations all over the city united and we formed the 5-Borough Coalition and now we fight together. We have been told by very good sources that the mayor is now watching and listening to what is going on, therefore we have to keep fighting and pushing back no matter how hopeless we feel at times. We are in this together and we are going to make change. Everyone in College Point are a part of the 5-Borough coalition. You have to keep coming out and getting others involved, that is the only way we win. More information will be available about the 5-Borough Coalition. Below is the board of the 5-Borough coalition.

PO BOX 261 

: Sam Esposito-Ozone Park 

Bronx Chair: Egidio J. Sementilli -Middletown Pelham Bay 

Brooklyn Chair: Chris Banks – East New York, Brooklyn 

Staten Island Chairs: Saul Porter – North Shore, Staten Island & Frank Siracusa South Shore, Staten Island

Manhattan Chair: Oz Sultan-Harlem, Manhattan 

Secretary -Tristan Hass-Financial District, Manhattan

Queens Chair– Jennifer Shannon, College Point, Queens

Advisor – Mike Scala ESQ

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