Letter Writing Campaign

We are in the early stages of our fight. We have to keep this momentum going. One thing everyone has to do over the next few weeks is email the politicians that are supposed to represent us!

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz has been exceptionally quiet and is running for Queens DA. She needs to know the opposition she will get from us, if she doesn’t start supporting our community!

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz 718 286-3000 or email her at info@queensbp.org

Scott M. Stringer Comptroller of New York signs off on all these non profit contracts. This project is costing the tax payers of NY $9,000,000, are you kidding me!!!!! Let him know this is not okay!!! Give his office a call!

Scott M. Stringer 212 669-3916 or email him at action@comptroller.nyc.gov

Don’t stop with these two, email, write letters, or call all our elected officials! Click below for all our elected officials contact information and some helpful talking points you can use when you are writing your concerns down.




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